Virtual Veterinary Services

Our customized remote team integrates with your team seamlessly. We offer a wide variety of back-office services that will take hours off your team’s daily workload.

Our Services

Our services are not one-size-fits-all. Chronos is a personalized experience for every hospital. We’ll work together to select which of our services will benefit your practice the most. Need help with something that is not on the list? Contact us to brainstorm.
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Virtual Veterinary Receptionists

Our friendly, caring, well-trained professionals can support a variety of tasks to relieve the stress of your in-house team. They’ll pleasantly greet clients and deliver services in a timely and detailed fashion.

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Virtual Veterinary Technicians

We hire and train nurses specifically dedicated to your practice. We take work off your in-house team’s plate and deliver high-end service. We always follow your standard operating procedures.

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Chronos works directly with your in-house team to enhance customer service, increase production and prioritize patient care. Our staff of veterinary professionals is dedicated to your hospital, knows your needs, and becomes part of your team.

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Our experienced veterinary professionals can help support 24/7/365 or after hours only.
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PatientCompliance Advocate

Patient Compliance Advocate (PCA) is a position that can make a huge difference for your patients, clients, and practice. They are trained to educate clients, promote the best care YOU recommend, and take payments ahead of your exams.

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VirtualVeterinary Scribes

Our scribes are trained to take the history and write up your medical record. That saves your in-house team and your doctors time and energy. Doctors can focus 100% on patients and clients, which increases the bond with your practice.
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Patient Reactivation Specialist

A Patient Reactivation Specialist (PRS) calls clients whose pets haven’t been seen for at least 1 year, in order to schedule an appointment and resume their care (wellness, blood work, dentistry…).

An inactive patient is a lose-lose-lose situation: for the pet, the owner and the practice.

The mission of a PRS is to turn it into a win-win-win situation.