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Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital

Having Chronos part of our team has been a key component to being a Fear Free Hospital. Instead of having our clients and patients be greeted with a loud ring from our phones, our clients and patients are greeted by our CSR team. We are ready to help and assist our clients and have a treat ready for our patients.

We would get up to 8,000 phone calls a day and it wouldn’t be possible to give our clients and patients the attention they deserve if it wasn’t for the Chronos Team.

We are forever grateful, and so very happy to call the Chronos team part of our Cornerstone family.

Dana, Head CSR

Levittown Animal Hospital

Chronos has been on board since 2021 and they are wonderful. The team is professional, knowledgeable, and has previous veterinary experience. This has enabled them to make an immediate impact, reducing our employee’s stress levels. It gets better and better each day. They are able to assist in many aspects of reception and are happy to take on new responsibilities.

Staci S., Lead Client Liaison

Levittown Animal Hospital

Chronos has been fantastic!! They have made an immediate impact, and it’s wonderful.

Mark N., Co-Owner

Adobe Animal Hospital

I love that Chronos hires remote techs and client service reps just for your hospital! They know your system, your procedures and your doctors just like if they were trained in house. We don’t have to share them with another hospital or with the towing company if you use a ‘normal’ call service.

Summer B., President

Rye Harrison Veterinary Hospital

Chronos has been a huge help! Since starting with them we are no longer getting complaints from clients. We’ve seen a huge improvement in client care since bringing Chronos on.

Keisha M., Lead Receptionist

Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital of Clifton Park

The quality that we have seen from Chronos has been exceptional. We are very happy with the performance and we are now looking to build off of that to add other duties.

Alan Knott DVM., Owner

Adobe Animal Hospital

Chronos not only understood what we needed, but had the personnel to fulfill our needs. Having a strong team with veterinary clinic experience meant that we could take tasks away from our on-the-floor technicians and move that workload over to Chronos, so that our technicians could concentrate all of their time on supporting the medical team and caring for the patients. We can now cope with the workload using a reduced staff size because the on-the-floor admin work has been moved to Chronos. COVID has caused us to face many challenges. One solution that has been a huge bonus was partnering with Chronos.

Paul – Hospital Administrator

Country Oaks Veterinary Clinic

I am so happy I made the decision to bring on Chronos. My team is happier because of it and I am too. I can’t wait to keep growing our practice with Chronos’ help!

Dr. Ramirez, Owner & DVM

Brodheadsville Vet Clinic

Transitioning from multiple phones lines, ringing at the same time, to using Chronos, has dramatically decreased stress and increased productivity in our clinic! Using professionally trained veterinary receptionists has nearly eliminated staff being on the phones

It has enabled the in-clinic team to focus on patients, rather than being distracted by phone calls, clients on hold, scheduling, answering questions all day long.

In addition, calls are answered by a live person in a timely manner, rather than a voicemail. Clients have their questions answered right away rather than being kept on hold for a long time.

Kelly S., Head Nurse

Rye Harrison Hospital

Chronos is really great, and our clients are happy! Even our particular clients are being won over by Chronos which is a huge compliment! We are able to reach our front desk now whereas before Chronos they were always busy.

Courtney R., Hospital Manager

Family Pet Health Center

Chronos is great! Kristin, Lindsay, Ashley, Michelle, and Deanna are wonderful to work with. My in-clinic team loves them already and I’m finally getting office time!

Chelsea J., Practice Manager

Advance Veterinary Specialists

Chronos has helped our clinic and staff in several ways. Their team is full of knowledgeable and personable people who value providing quality medicine and customer care. They have been flexible with our staff and very open to taking on any tasks my team needs help with. They’ve even been willing to take on extra-curricular projects, like helping train on new software systems. We have been very happy with our services thus far.

Marly G., Practice Manager

Since Chronos took over the phone lines full time, we have seen a reduction of stress in our team, our clients, and even our patients. Thank you, Chronos.

Kim, Client Service Manager

SAGE Veterinary Centers – Redwood City

It’s been such a joy and blessing to have Chronos be part of our team. We were struggling before Chronos joined and helped us. I don’t know where we would be without them.

Samantha G., Assistant Hospital Manager