Chronos FAQs

There is no question too big or too small for our remote veterinary team. We have answers to some of our most common questions.
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Frequently asked questions

Why Chronos?

Chronos is the solution to the never-ending dilemma receptionists face: handling in-person clients while answering the phone.

  • It’s a constant struggle that causes a huge amount of stress – and turnover.
  • Physical clients are not pleased by the constant interruptions.
  • Callers are not pleased by being placed on hold.
  • What’s a receptionist to do?
    • Chronos provides remote, highly trained receptionists, with years of veterinary experience, in all time zones, who can take over all of your phone calls.
    • They connect remotely to your scheduling software and book appointments on your behalf.
    • Meanwhile, your receptionists can focus 100% on “live” clients.
  • Customer service goes up, while stress goes down.
  • In addition, Chronos decreases your workload and increases team morale and job satisfaction.
  • We can place experienced receptionists or nurses to fit your specific needs.
  • You need fewer receptionists.
  • You have less turnover.
  • You need less hiring, training, and firing.

Leave those headaches to Chronos!

What makes you different from remote call services?

  • Many answering services available only operate as relief or overflow support.
    • That doesn’t solve the root of practices’ main challenges with staffing shortages, retention, and clients expectations of exceptional service.
  • Most companies on the market are tech or communication solutions first, that began offering overflow or relief support.
    • Offering support from virtual veterinary professionals was not an afterthought for Chronos, it’s why we started.
  • Chronos helps your hospital build a foundation of consistent quality support.
  • We build custom remote teams for your hospital, not as situational relief or as a Band-Aid. Instead, we become an extension of your team.
  • Chronos recruits qualified veterinary professionals with in-hospital experience who are solely dedicated to your practice.
    • Clients don’t get a different person every time they call.
    • Our remote team knows your systems, your procedures and your doctors as if they were trained in-hospital.
  • We lessen the burden of continuously recruiting, training and retaining more in-house staff.

What do you mean by “your high-end back office?”

We call “back-office” duties all tasks that can be taken off your receptionists’ and your technicians’ to-do list.

We consider ourselves high-end because we only work with amazing, experienced receptionists & nurses who actually enjoy their job.

They genuinely care about your clients and your patients.

We hold our team members to extremely high standards.

This is exactly the opposite of what we’ve experienced with 100% of answering services we’ve ever dealt with.

How do you make my life easier?

Besides taking over your phone calls, we can also:

  1. Turn phone shoppers into new clients.
  2. Manage medication refills.
  3. Handle phone messages for team members and Doctors.
  4. Implement and/or manage live chat/instant messaging.
  5. Confirm next day appointments.
  6. Page anyone in your practice.
  7. Promote specials, savings, & wellness plans to your clients.
  8. Manage your emails.
  9. Alert you if an emergency is on the way.
  10. Send records to specialists or clients.

Please visit this page for more information.

How does it work?

Our experienced team connects remotely to your software to schedule appointments on your behalf. We also provide other services.

How qualified is your team?

Each receptionist has years of veterinary experience. Depending on the person, they may have been receptionists, managers, technicians, etc. This variety of positions is what gives them such knowledge to deal with complex real-life situations.

How do I know how good you are?

  1. We have a track record – nationwide.
  2. We constantly train our receptionists & nurses.
  3. We track & record all calls to ensure quality control.
  4. Once a practice becomes a Chronos client, they tend to stay long-term. We have very little turnover among our practices. On the contrary, once they see how big a difference we make, practices tend to request more services and add more receptionists or nurses.

We’re happy to put you in touch with one of our clients!

How can my in-house CSRs and your remote team truly work together?

Our goal is to allow your in-house CSRs to focus 100% on “live” clients. This improves customer service, the bond with your practice, and compliance. This is immensely better than interrupting “live” clients every other minute when someone calls.

Callers are routinely placed on hold. This is not good for live clients, it’s not good for callers, and it’s super stressful for the CSRs.

Meanwhile, our remote team can focus 100% on callers. This improves customer service, compliance & the bond with your practice.

Despite being remote, the two teams can be in constant contact.

And then, there is the top secret “Chronos” formula. We have ninja skills to truly incorporate our team with yours. It’s a wonderful experience to see.

Our testimonials are full of comments like “We are so happy to call the Chronos team part of our (practice) family” and “My in-clinic team loves the Chronos CSRs.”

How can my in-house nurses and your remote team truly work together?

Our goal is to allow your in-house technicians to focus 100% on caring for patients, educating clients and helping doctors. This improves efficiency, the bond with your practice, and compliance. Your in-house nurses probably have better things to do than answering phone calls all day.

Depending on your needs, our remote nurses educate clients (following your SOPs), do call-backs or schedule surgeries and dentistry. They can also help with your pharmacy needs: refills, third-party requests and printing labels.

Despite being remote, the two teams are in constant contact.

How can a start-up afford your services?

We already work with start-ups. Some were able to decrease the surface area of the front desk and waiting room, and allocate that space to more productive areas. Simply adding an extra exam room will generate more revenue.

Not to mention savings in time, hassle and expenses in recruiting, training and firing.

How can an established practice afford your services?

The revenue of one practice increased by 10% in their first month using Chronos.

Other practices are in areas where real estate is so expensive, that there is simply no support staff locally. Not having enough support staff leads to a significant decrease in revenue.

Yet others are in remote areas where there is not enough local talent. Again, not having enough support staff means less revenue.

Not to mention that associates are not happy when they don’t have enough support staff.

Our job is to increase your efficiency, your revenue and your clients’ happiness.

The math just doesn’t work, you’re too expensive

We know from experience that those who see our relationship as a math equation will never “get it.”

It’s not a math equation.

Many practices are forced to hire Susie Q with little to no experience, train her in-house, and hope that she will perform and stick around. That’s a recipe for high turnover.

Few practices calculate the true cost of hiring, training and losing Susie Q: the cost of the ad(s), the cost of interviewing, the cost of training (or lack thereof), the cost of mistakes made, the cost of paying for more than an hourly wage, payroll taxes, workers comp insurance, benefits, the cost of firing etc.

And turnover itself costs a lot of “invisible” money.

How do you calculate the cost of absenteeism?

How do you calculate the lack of efficiency when your doctors don’t have enough support staff?

How do you calculate the lack of compliance and follow through?

How do you calculate the cost of overtime when, at the end of their shift, your in-house techs need to handle a pile of messages your front desk couldn’t handle?

And then, there are the intangibles, those that are impossible to fit in a formula: less stress on your team, less in-house turnover, higher bond with clients, happier doctors, increased efficiency, no phones ringing, less chaos, more peace and quiet.

How do you calculate those benefits? We consider them priceless.

How do I get started?

  1. We connect our phones & computers to your practice software.
  2. Our receptionists learn how your practice works. They get to know your team on a first name basis.
  3. They are ready to take calls over.

Does Chronos outsource overseas?

All of our receptionists are US-based. Our team members are fluent in English and some in Spanish.

Once I sign up, how long does it take for Chronos to take over my calls?

Our receptionists can take on your calls as soon as our phones are installed and our customized training is over.

Are there any contracts?

There are no long-term contracts. Our agreement is month to month. There is no catch.