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Chronos was founded in 2018 by two Pennsylvania vets who work “in the trenches.” It all started with a simple observation: (pre-COVID) receptionists were incredibly stressed out when they constantly had to switch from phone callers (routinely placed on hold) and live clients in front of them (routinely interrupted by phone calls). Not only was it stressful for receptionists, but it was also bad customer service, both for callers and “physical” clients.

Jeremy’s and Phil’s gamble was to outsource the traditional front desk. Not to another office in the practice, but completely offsite.

They asked their former fearless hospital manager to spearhead the project. Once the first remote receptionists started to take calls remotely, the stress level at the front desk plummeted. Customer service went straight up. Compliance went up since receptionists had more time to spend with clients. Interestingly, clients and even patients appeared calmer.

Chronos appeared to be a win-win-win-win situation. We had proof of concept, so we decided to share the concept with other practices. Since then, Chronos has grown tremendously. Other services emerged: we could also help nurses and doctors. In the process, amazing people have joined our ranks. Receptionists, managers, nurses – all rock stars who found a creative, challenging, and less stressful way to use their years of experience, from the comfort of their home.

Chronos was built on creativity, innovation and a giant leap of faith. We dreamed of creating a unique virtual workplace where all employees would be talented, kind, fulfilled, happy and successful. A company where passion for our profession, the love of animals and the desire to help come together. A company where teamwork, communication and integrity are not buzzwords, but a reality. A company where you can live 6 States away from a practice, and make a difference, or sometimes save a life.

What are the pros and cons of remote work? Could it be the next chapter of your vet life?

Chronos Vet was one of the earliest companies to hire remote receptionists, nurses and managers, before the Evil Pandemic started and before “remote” became the new cool thing.

Based on our collective experience, what are the pros and cons of working from home rather than in a vet practice?

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