There are 3 simple keys to keep employees happy. This is the conclusion of a Harvard Business Review article* based on years of research by several authors. Here are the 3 secrets.

1. A compelling vision

When employees embrace the vision of the owners of the company, they are more loyal, engaged, and motivated.

Employees need to understand the future of the company, and how they fit in.

Ideally, their vision should match the company’s vision.

This makes them more enthusiastic about their work. It gives meaning to their professional lives.

In turn, this means that the leader(s) should paint a vivid picture of the future.

2. A meaningful purpose

Employees need to know that their work matters, that they make a difference, that they help others in a meaningful way.

This sense of purpose increases their dedication, happiness, and productivity.

Knowing how much their work matters to their clients, patients, customers, or end-users, is a strong motivation to show up for work.

3. Healthy relationships

It’s nothing new: most often, employees join a company or a team, and leave a manager.

Strong relationships with coworkers are critical. A healthy relationship with their boss, manager, or supervisor may be even more important.

Employees need close, trusting, supportive relationships with whom they work.

This in turn leads to a strong, cohesive, productive team.


So the 3 secret ingredients of happy employees are vision, purpose, and relationships.

Bottom line: happiness matters. Culture matters. Purpose matters. And happy employees are better employees.


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Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ, Fear Free certified

Co-Founder of Chronos