There are things you should do, or need to do, and there are things you should stop doing.
To help you create a not-to-do list, try to answer the 10 following questions:

1. What activities will you say no to?
Think of initiatives and activities that you committed to, but you know deep inside you should stop doing.
So stop doing them!

2. What meetings will you decline or delegate?
Look at the meetings you had to attend last month, and those you have to attend in the upcoming month.
Determine which ones you should stop attending.
Which ones can you delegate to someone else?
Which ones must you attend?
Eliminate the rest.

3. What relationships should you terminate?
What are the top 3 energy-draining relationships in your life?
Figure out a way to eradicate them from your life.

4. What competitors will you not follow?
Stop agonizing about what your competitors do.
And reinvest all that time and energy focusing on what you want to do.
Also unsubscribe from their email distribution list, blogs, podcasts etc.

5. What websites will you not visit?
Which websites do you visit, then regret visiting every time?
Stop the agony!
Stop visiting them!

6. What money will you not spend?
Trim the fat in your financial life.
Eliminate useless subscriptions. Get a refund when possible.
Save or invest the money you stopped wasting.

7. What foods will you not eat?
What unhealthy food can you stop buying and eating?
What liquid calories can you eliminate from your life?
What healthy food can you replace them with?

8. What thoughts will you not entertain?
What negative talk can you stop?
What self-deprecating internal monologs should you stop?
What positive thoughts can you replace them with?

9. What TV shows will you not watch?
Even if you only eliminated 1 hour of mind-numbing TV, how many hours per week or per month would you save?
What can you do with this new-found time?

10. What will you no longer tolerate from others?
How much negativity or toxicity or misery could you eliminate from your life if you stopped any relationship with people which exude those negative traits?

Bonus 11. What will you no longer tolerate from yourself?
How much happiness could you gain if you eliminated negativity, toxicity or misery you subject yourself to?
What bad habits do you need to stop?
What good habits do you need to start?

It’s much easier to add items to your to-do list than it is to stop indulging in time-sucking activities or bad habits. However, it is well worth the effort.

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Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ, Fear Free certified
Co-Founder of Chronos