For most people, the beginning of a New Year is a time to pick new goals, choose new habits, and commit to resolutions.

And most fail miserably.

A select few prefer a better strategy.

They focus on a single word that symbolizes their main goal, and the entire upcoming year.

The idea is to answer questions such as:

. What do I need more of this year?

. What do I want more of this year?

. What do I need to focus on?

. Who do I want to become?

. What would make a big difference in my life?

In their book “One Word that Will Change Your Life,” authors Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page encourage the readers to follow a simple 3 step process to choose their word of the year.

1. What do I need?

Reflect on your life – personal and professional – and identify areas where you need improvement or growth.

This could lead to words such as: Growth, Focus, Balance, Courage, Clarity, Connection, Adventure, Health/Exercise, Creativity, Discipline, or Simplicity.

2. What’s in my way?

Identify obstacles or challenges that might hinder your progress. This step involves self-awareness and recognizing potential barriers.

This may help you choose a word such as: Resilience, Perseverance, Adaptability, Confidence, Focus, Patience, Optimism, Courage, Tenacity, Strength.

3. What needs to go?

Determine habits, attitudes, or behaviors that are holding you back and hindering your progress.

Let go of negative influences that are not conducive to your personal development.

This can suggest words such as: Negativity, Procrastination, Doubt, Fear, Complacency, Excuses, Overthinking, Self-doubt, Perfectionism, or Toxicity.

Now, since you don’t want to focus on a negative word, turn it into a positive, such as: Positivity, Courage, Decision, Proactivity, Confidence, Action, Accountability, Clarity, Self-assurance, Progress, or Well-being.

Once you have chosen your word of the year, you need to keep it front and center, so you think about it all the time.

Here are ways to do that:

. Create visual reminders: you could create a vision board, or a sign, or simple sticky notes. Place them in a prominent locations where you’ll see them daily, such as your desk, mirror, or refrigerator.

. Set reminders: through your phone, your email, or your computer, display your word with a daily pop-up or alert.

. Incorporate the word in your life. After seeing your word on your bathroom mirror or stuck to your toothpaste, you could repeat every morning: “Today I will exercise for 15 minutes,” or “I am the Queen of Confidence”, or “Today I will eradicate procrastination.”

. Journal. If you write in a journal, you could reflect on how your word is influencing your life. Write down your experiences, challenges, and successes related to your chosen word.

. Share your word. Tell friends, family members, or colleagues about your word and what it means to you. Create a support network and make your word a part of your conversations.

. Use it as a mantra, and repeat it regularly. “I am someone who exercises daily.” “I am a model of patience”, or “Why am I always so positive?”

. Create rituals or routines associated with your word. For example, if your word is “balance,” create a daily routine that includes activities promoting work-life balance.

. Customize your environment. Include elements related to your word in your space. This could be decorations, quotes, or symbols that represent your chosen concept.

The website of the book,, can help you create a beautiful poster in 2 simple steps.

Pro tip: create a picture with Canva, and make it the background on your computer, or the lock screen on your phone. This way you will see your word every time you open your computer or your phone, dozens of times each day!

. Reflect regularly. Schedule regular reflection sessions to assess how your word is influencing your choices and actions. Use this time to adjust your focus and celebrate progress.

Just because it’s called “word of the year” doesn’t mean that you can’t change it if you’ve accomplished your goal or if you need to change your focus.

. Connect with a community. Accountability is one of the strongest forces on the planet.

Share your experiences, challenges, and triumphs, with supportive friends or colleagues to stay accountable.

Focusing on a single word can help you reach ambitious goals.

Try it for a year!

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Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ, Fear Free certified

Co-Founder of Chronos LLC