VirtualVeterinary Scribes

We hire trained veterinary scribes specifically dedicated to your practice. They are virtual so you don’t need another body crowding your exam room.

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VirtualVeterinary Scribes

They can take a history virtually. Then they type directly in your medical record while the Doctor dictates their findings and focuses 100% on the client and the patient.
All the Doctor has to do is proofread and go home on time!

Who Is This For?

A scribe takes care of your medical records. This saves you time and brain damage. This is ideal for doctors allergic to medical records and interested in efficiency.

Scribes are amazing for general, specialty and ER practices, house call vets etc. You typically will be able to see at least 1 more patient per hour. Do the math per day, week or month!

Real-time record keeping
More accurate records
More thorough medical records
Prescription management
No more writing records during lunch and after hours.