Patient Compliance Advocate

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Patient Compliance Advocate

A PCA is not a pushy salesperson! The PCA’s role is to be the patient’s advocate by promoting the best care you recommend. By delegating the education and payment to your remote PCA, you save time yet increase your compliance.

Benefits include less work for your team, higher compliance, more efficient visits, more time to bond with clients, and higher ATFs.

Who Is This For?

This position is for a general practice that truly cares about compliance, yet is too busy to call and educate clients before their visit. Ideal for a practice in growth mode since it will increase your average transaction fee. The visit will be shorter and less stressful for the patient, the client and your team.

We can even provide a bilingual advocate.

Real-time scheduling
Estimates and treatment plans
New patient onboarding
Remote payments
Appointment reminders