3 Rs to Beat Overwhelm

Whether it’s constant or hopefully temporary, we all feel overwhelmed.

We feel like we’re drowning in to-dos, projects and “emergencies.”

In his recent book, “Do Hard Things,” Steve Magness* offers a simple template to go from overwhelmed to serenity. We’ve improved the formula a bit so each step starts with an R.

1. Reframe

The idea is to take a step back, to “zoom out,” and see yourself from afar.

Then say “Hmm, Sam is getting frustrated” (please work with us here, you’re Sam).

Reframing will help you see things more objectively.

The simple fact that you comment on the situation in the third person will calm you down.

One study shows that 30% of kids were able to appease their emotions with this simple trick.

2. Reappraise

Sometimes, stress is beneficial.

When you take a test, stress can be a sign of anxiety because you have not studied enough for it.

Or it can be a sign that this test is a big deal, and your mind and body are prepping you to focus on the challenge and ace the test.

The idea is to reappraise the situation to get away from panic or overwhelm, and move toward focus and efficiency.

3. Reassure

Meditation pros are great at calming down after a stressful event. They learn to tame their emotions and control their thoughts.

If you meditate, use it to your benefit.

If you don’t meditate, you can still repeat to yourself “This too shall pass.”

You’re not lying. If you think about past stressful events in your life, the stress, or the pain, or the overwhelm eventually went away. They always do.

Next time you feel overwhelm creeping in, remember to Reframe, Reappraise and Reassure.

And admire the new You, a model of calm, the definition of inner peace, and a beacon of light.

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Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ, Fear Free certified

Co-Founder of Chronos LLC


* Best-selling author Steve Magness is an expert on performance, well-being and sustainable success.